Monday, 26 November 2012

Vintage Hunter - Latest Additions to the Treasure Trove

   The Vintage Hunter has struck again! In the past two months we added a significant amount of vintage to our treasure collection. We helped my aunt "dispose" of certain unwanted items when she moved. Check it out...
Vintage Singer Sewing Machine with the machine hidden within
It needs a little touching up (Ok, "a little" is an understatement). Anyone knows where I can get this baby restored to its former glory?
   Ever seen one of these? I wonder how anyone could've had a good night's sleep. Ancient folks must've had really "numb skulls" ;)
Ancient Oritental Pillow. Yes it really is a pillow!

   The wifey wanted to check out "Books Actually" before we went for Care Group last week. In the end she didn't buy anything; but I ended up with this set - dating back to 1937. What's more, they belong to a collection of limited editions, bearing the illustrator's signature. I wonder whether the author and illustrators are still around.
Published in 1937. This set is older than my "Old Man" and in prinstine condition to boot!

  This is another find from the wifey. Courtesy of her colleague who is an avid typewriter enthusiast. Presenting the Remington Rand Noiseless Typewriter. Ok, it's not exactly "noiselsss" but compared to most other typewriters, it's pretty quiet. Dating back to the 1940s, it was considered a "portable" machine. You may be able to see from the pic but it's actually lacking the "1" and "!". How do we get around this? Substitute the "one" with lowercase "L". Try it. The "!" is done with "1", backspace "." Cool eh?
This pic doesn't do justice to the real thing

   I don't fancy living in a museum but I figured it'll be kind of cool to be surrounded by "treasures". And to add these to our collection over just two months - not bad at all. After all, I once wanted to be an archaeologist. Until next time... Stay tune... 

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