Thursday, 10 January 2013

The Big "Three Three"

   Yes. I just turned thirty-three. Nothing much to shout about. Some say that men age like wine. But I don't feel the least exquisite. There's a sense of time running out. So many things yet to be done, so many dreams yet unfulfilled.
   So how did I celebrate my big three three? Thanks to the wifey, we explored "The Royal Mail". It is supposed to be this moderately high-class restaurant with a British theme. Afterall, I'm an Anglophile. Always had this fantasy of being knighted; and not just to any order - it must be the Order of the Garter. The wifey likes to say I'd sooner be knighted into the Order of the Gutter. It turned out to be a chic and modern restaurant.
   I had the Roast Prime Rib, Classic Cut 280g. It turned out to be a big slab of meat. It wasn't bad. In fact it was quite tender and juicy, medium rare. It was served with Yorkshire Pudding (yeah here's the English part), garlic potato mash, buttered peas and cream corn.I would recommend going for the English Cut instead. It was simply too much good food in one serving.

   The wifey had a very delicious Butter Poached Boston Lobster. It was even better than the "fresh" Maine Lobster we had in New York City.

  We topped it all off with the Desert Platter consisting of a little of everything. In conclusion, it wasn't super fantastic but it was worth the price. I would go there again. Thanks wifey.

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