Sunday, 14 July 2013

Gone to GoTo - Kaiseki at its best

   This post comes a little late. Have been too busy to update the blog. But being a little late beats never getting it done any time. This time our culinary adventures took us to a quaint Japanese restaurant called Goto. Located in the heart of the clubbing area of Ann Siang Hill, it's easy to overlook this gem. The occasion was the wifey's birthday. She had long wanted to try the Japanese version of the Western haute cuisine. Goto serves Kaiseki, which is essentially Japanese set meal. You place yourself at the expert discretion of the chef and simply enjoy whatever is dished out - perfect for people too lazy or tired to plow through a menu.
   Goto does not accept walk-in customers. A reservation has to be placed. You can expect the food to be authentic when all the other customers are Japanese. The decor is simple, yet elegant; keeping in line with Japanese tastes. Now on to the food...
   For starters, a selection ranging from chilled seasonal plum to uni (sea urchin), beef and octopus. The beef melts in your mouth. It's the best beef I've ever eaten. I don't mind a meal consisting entirely of it. I'll now let the pictures speak for themselves...
Clam soup

Sashimi Platter - nothing short of exquisite

Grilled fish served on an ornate plate
Kagoshima Beef
Topping it off with rice and pickles. We were stuffed by now.
Special birthday dessert set for the Birthday girl
"Open Sesame!"
The best mochi in the world! Better than those sold at Isetan during Japanese fairs. Taste this and you'll never want to eat other mochis ever again. And the proof? The picky wifey who doesn't usually eat mochi, finished up every single morsel.
Bitter green tea to end the meal. I don't quite like it but the wifey thinks otherwise.
    Conclusion: it was worth every cent of my $600+. More importantly, the wifey was pleased. ;)

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