Sunday, 15 September 2013

Having a Blast in Bangkok

    After a tiring Russia trip in the middle of the year, we decided that we needed something slow paced, to relax and just chill. The wifey decided on Bangkok, Thailand. Thus we found ourselves checked into one of the best hotels around - the St. Regis, Bangkok. I'll let the pictures tell the story...
   The St. Regis lived up to its name with it's impeccable service. Although we had access to a full suite of services of a 24-hr butler, most of the time we only used it to order our coffee/ tea and biscuits. This we had several times a day. I found myself starting to drink lemongrass tea to balance the effect of too much cappuccino. The biscuits were simply irresistible.
English tea at the St. Regis Bangkok. Yummy!
The MBS-que pool of the St. Regis. We spent quite some time at the spa, herbal steam bath and hot jacuzzi.
First dinner in Bangkok. Some Thai restaurant. Food was great except for the kangkong which tasted like dried grass.
We didn't expect in-room dining to come with a table on wheels
Phad Thai the St Regis way. And it costs as much as that from Thai Express!
World's best Mango-Sticky-Rice. We actually had two portions of this. Check out the real gold flakes.
World famous London roast duck from Four Seasons Restaurant. Power!
The wifey trying out Ethiopian drip-coffee. 
Cheap and Good! Som Tam Nua restaurant.
Salmon and Wagyu sushi from Zen Cucina (Central World)
Matsuzaka sushi. Look how thin the layer of rice is, versus the ingredients.
    For Japanese food-lovers, Zen Cucina located in Central World is a must try. The restaurant remains pretty empty most of the time we were there, perhaps because the prices tend to "have wings". My wife's colleague told us that we probably ate one month's worth of some Thai's salary that night. In our defence, the Sing Dollar was strong.
We could see Central World from our room (the lighted billboard)
   This trip turned out to be more enjoyable than expected. I can't say I enjoy the shopping much but the food, hotel and pampering made up for it.

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