Monday, 19 May 2014

InterContinental Danang Sun Peninsula Resort - Where Myth Meets Luxury

    The latest escapade came as a result of an AIA incentive trip (or not). I was given a free trip to Danang, Vietnam for achieving a certain level of production. I've always intended to take the wifey along on this trip as Danang was one of the places she wanted to visit. However, the company didn't allow me to bring a partner (too many qualifiers, too little space). As a result, we ended up taking the trip on our own, separate from AIA. How glad we were that it turned out this way.
    InterContinental Danang is situated in the hills along the famous Son Tra Peninsula, away from the main city of Danang. The somewhat secluded location affords the resort it's own space, which includes a vast private beach. Our class of room gave us access to the Club InterContinental facilities, which included 24-hrs butler service, breakfast and afternoon tea, and 24-hrs access to the Lounge (including drinks and finger food). 
    One can never be bored as this resort offers interesting activities that are mostly free-of-charge. You can go hiking in the nearby monkey hills, try your hand at steering a traditional basket boat, go snorkelling in the pristine surrounding waters or even sing your hearts out at the costume-themed karaoke.
the famed afternoon-tea and view from the Club InterContinental Lounge. We met a caucasian couple staying in Hoi An who made the 1 hour trip just for it. 
hotel funicular
private beach
View from our room

    We were even invited to the grand opening of the Khai Silk shop on the hotel grounds. The wifey went ga-ga over the selection of colourful designs. The quality and designs can give Hermes a good run for its money, in my opinion.
    We have a habit of celebrating the final evening with a bang. This time it was dinner at restaurant La Maison 1888, the only Michelin starred (3 stars) restaurant in Danang. The food certainly didn't disappoint. 

whole Lobster
     The crescendo had to be the spa session at the in-house HARNN Heritage Spa. You know it had to be good if the masseuse can tell my wife that her regular masseuse isn't that good because of the "knots" in the wifey's muscles.
     InterContinental Danang is indeed a place where myth meets luxury. We will be back.

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