Saturday, 28 March 2015

The Power Behind The Power

    As we approach the end of our national week of mourning, I feel it is apt to pen down my thoughts. I have held back starting any post on social media, not least because I know my views would probably be frowned upon, but also because this week has been one of self-reflection for me. I am no fanatic of the Man, neither do I belong to the opposing camp. I believe the middle ground deserves to be heard as well.
    The week started off with the announcement that Mr Lee Kuan Yew had passed away. Singapore then witness the new phenomenon of long snaking queues of thousands of people lining up to pay their last respects to the man many regarded as the founding father of our nation. Tears were as commonplace as the NeWater that flowed from our taps. I on the other hand, felt nothing. No sense of grief, no urge to condemn the politician that was no more. I couldn't understand the public outpouring that was witnessed on television. The wifey felt I was heartless and arrogant. Was there something wrong with me? 
    I do not deny that Mr Lee Kuan Yew was a great man. I do recognize the contributions he made to my beloved island of Singapore. Without him, Singapore wouldn't be the First-world metropolis it is today, the envy of the Western media, if I dare say so. I may not agree with all his, and the PAP's, policies. But I am grateful for the life we now enjoy. Can we attribute it all the Mr Lee Kuan Yew? Therein lies the answer to my conundrum. 
    Mr Lee Kuan Yew was a man of his time. He was the best candidate for the arduous task that was to establish the state and build the nation of Singapore. Yes, he had the help of able men, but that's not my point. I believe Mr Lee Kuan Yew was chosen by God for this task. He was appointed for a "time as this". Thus he was endowed with the mental, emotional and physical capacity for the task at hand. Mr Lee Kuan Yew was sought the world over for his deep insights. Where did his wisdom come from, if not from on high? To his credit, Mr Lee Kuan Yew stepped up to the plate and is now remembered by the masses as the man who built Singapore. However, I feel that should Mr Lee Kwan Yew not have done so, the Divine would have replaced him with someone else. God always fulfills His plans. If His plans were for Singapore to succeed and overachieve as a nation, He would have brought that about, with or without Mr Lee Kwan Yew. To put it crudely, Mr Lee Kwan Yew was a positive and successful tool in the hands of the Almighty.
    That is not to say that Mr Lee Kwan Yew, the human being, had no part. I do recognize the sacrifices that he and his family went through to build Singapore; and I'm grateful for it. Mr Lee Kwan Yew was given this awesome task, and he took it upon himself to meet his Destiny. That is the main thing, I believe, we can learn from this man. Everyone of us has an awesome Destiny. It may not be to build a nation, but it will be no less important in the big scheme of things. The important question is whether we are making the most of our earthly lives; whether we are seeking and accomplishing the tasks that we are put on this earth for. I do not know whether I'll meet Mr Lee Kuan Yew in heaven. I know that he did fulfill his Destiny.
    Therefore, you will not find me joining the throng at Parliament House. Instead of hero-worshiping the human being, wouldn't it be better to recognize the Power behind the power? All of us have a task. Are we working towards it's perfect completion? Instead of simply mourning the loss of a sacrificed and accomplished destiny, and then continuing to live our lives as if we owe the world nothing; wouldn't it better to uphold Mr Lee Kwan Yew as an example to be followed? Let's think a little deeper and look within ourselves. There will only be one great Mr Lee Kwan Yew, but we can all be little Lee Kwan Yews. Will you heed the call? Destiny beckons!

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