Sunday, 30 December 2012

US of A... DC

Evening in Washington. Beautiful isn't it?
   The wifey and I just came back from the US of A. It was our first time to the American continent. Now we're just left with Africa and South America and we would've covered the globe. We started off in the capital - Washington DC. The immense amount of history in this place can literally blow one away. Here's a snapshot of the various monuments and places we visited...
Hello Mr President!
   The Smithsonian Museums are a must-see. We didn't have time to visit all of them. The Natural History Museum was an interesting place. However, I disagree with almost all that it represents. Man did not come from monkeys.
Transacting with an ancestor. Yours perhaps? Definitely not mine.
   We like to venture off the beaten track. First stop - The International Spy Museum.
You can sign up for "Operation Spy" - a roleplaying adventure where you become a spy on a mission. I must admit, the setup was very realistic. The "getaway vehicle" really moved as if on the road and the third world country setup was exquisite. It was a whole lot of fun, especialy if you have kids.
   The US Capitol and Library of Congress are often given a misse by the average tourist. But we're no average tourists. How could we skip the seat of US Legislative Power?
   The Library of Congress is one of the most beautiful, if not the most beautiful, libraries in the world. Constructed with the opulance of a renaisance-styled Italian palace, it was meant to showcase American prestige and culture. Look out for the naked baseball player and American footballer, done in classical style, if you happen to visit.
   Of course, the usual "free" tourist monuments are not to be missed as well...

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