Saturday, 30 November 2013

The Fragrant Harbour with No Smell - Hong Kong

    We're travelling once again. This time it's with the entire family, Mum, Dad, and the Bro thrown in. The destination - Hong Kong. I was anticipating the glorious shopping and the abundant variety of delicious food, or so I was told. The wifey, ever the diligent travel planner (thanks Dear) even included historical sights and famous gastronomic venues. Check out the pics...
Marco Polo's special Cheesecake to celebrate Mum's Birthday
Our first meal at a simple "Macau Cafe"
The queue outside Australia Dairy Company"
The food wasn't fantastic. I don't see why there should be such a long queue. The service was brusque and rushed.
It's only saving grace was the egg pudding. YUM! Go for the ones with yolk if you like a more full-bodied flavour
Avenue of Comic Stars
Chilling at Agnes B Cafe
At "Mak's Wanton Noodles"
The famous "Mak's" noodles. Don't mistake it for the noodle shop next to it. One of the best around. 
Mango, Coconut, Glutinous rice, what more can you ask for? A few shops from Mak's Noodles. 
I bet you've never been to Noah's Ark.
The famous roasted meats of "Yung Kee Restaurant" in the heart of the business district. The "char siew" can rock your socks off! A must try
The famous Yung Kee roasted goose
Pierre Herme's world famous macarons, way way better than even Laduree's.
    Besides Hong Kong, we took a day trip out the nearby island of Macau. Here are the highlights...
"Ou Mun Cafe" - a classic example of where to get an almost perfect Macau breakfast
Along the historic district you'll find a thousand and one shops hawking their almond cookies and "bak kwa". Hand-made in this case.
Next we were off to the Macau Tower. Even I was petrified when I looked down (and to think I did heli-rappelling in the army)
45min bus-ride to some goodness-knows-where village just for the taste of Lord Stow's Portuguese Egg Tarts. The irony is that Stow wasn't a nobleman. He wasn't even Portuguese. Stow was an Englishman (Hail Great Britannia!) who came up with his own version and popularized this sweet snack. 
My only regret of the trip - not having more of these babies.
What trip to Macau would be complete without a visit to the Venetian?
And finally, the now famous-in-Singapore Tin Ho Wan dim sum. Go there around 11am and you'll miss the crowd. It sure is deserving of its Michelin star. Avoid the chicken claws though. Must haves: char siew bun, glutinous rice chicken (lo mai gai) and the osmanthus cakes/jelly thingy.
Wonderful wonderful bo lo bun masquerading as a char siew bun. One's simply not enough. Had to go back for more.
    We rounded off our trip with a slow day to The Peak. It was a pretty hazy day but the view coupled with the cool air was simply stupendous.
Look a little more closely and you'll see it's all an optical illusion.
What day would be complete without some grub. At "The Peak Lookout" cafe.
Chocolate Fondant with real honey comb
    It's been a while since the whole family has gone on a holiday together, so Hong Kong was a good opportunity to bond. The weather was cool as it is the end of the year. The variety of delicious food was mind-blowing. The only disappointment was the shopping. Prices here are not what was expected. Even without tax, prices here are comparable to those back in Singapore (even with out 7% GST!). In conclusion, come to Hong Kong if you want a gastronomic experience; come to Singapore (especially during the Great Singapore Sale) if you are looking for good deals.

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