Wednesday, 8 January 2014

Wedding Anniversary

   It's been five years since we said our wedding vows. These five years have been eventful with up and downs. I'm absolutely grateful for the wifey who has stuck with me through thick and thin. This year we decided to have dinner at the Fullerton Waterboat House. I've heard how "atas" it's supposed to be and was surprised to be told that the dress code is smart casual. I could see the reason for this when we arrived. 
   The French restaurant on the groundfloor is no longer functioning. We found ourselves in the dining room after climbing a flight of stairs up to the second floor. The walls were covered with modern shipping maps (ancient ones would be have a better effect) and remnants of wine crates. Regardless of the slightly untidy feel, the restaurant felt pretty homely. It wasn't the "atas" place we expected. The prices of food were pretty reasonable too. Due to the low light, the pictures don't do justice to the food.
The seafood soup was delicious
You can't go wrong with scallops
Unfortunately, the duck was overcooked and too tough. A little rarer and juicier would be preferable. The mash potatoes on the other hand, was simply heavenly; light and flavourful. Even better than the self-proclaimed Atelier de Joel Robuchon's "world's best mash potatoes".
Yes it doesn't look like much. Some may even ridicule it's appearance. But this "Chocolate Mountain" (ok, "hill") is to die for. If you're into chocolate mousse, this is a must-try. Light and not too sweet; the combination of berries to the chocolate is perfect.
     We ended the day with a stroll along the CBD and Singapore River. We used to hang out here when we had no car and no house. Those were the days...

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