Monday, 5 September 2016

Michelin Quality Sushi at Shopping Centre Prices

     It is not everyday that one comes across a food establishment good enough to warrant a visit two days in a row. The wifey and I stumbled upon such a place while taking a stroll after a hearty supper one evening last week. The place - Ryo Sushi, located among the stretch of restaurants next to Orchid Hotel, along Tanjong Pagar Road.
     This little Japanese sushi restaurant has only been opened for a week, but has already seen a few repeat customers; not least a trio from overseas who decided to have their final meal in Singapore here. At this rate, it would soon outgrow it's modest seating capacity. 
     We were fortunate to be seated indoors, facing the chef. The sushi is prepared right in front of you and placed directly from the chopping board onto your plate; one piece at a time. Each piece of sushi was expertly paired with a suitable seasoning and condiment (I found the soya foam pretty interesting). This not only enhanced the flavour of the sushi, but also preserved the taste that the chef intended. There's no danger of over-soaking your sushi in soyasauce or adding too much wasabi here. In fact, you are not given the choice of adding sauce; which I must admit, is a good thing. We had the omakase menu which beside the sushi, included edamame, onsen tamago (egg), a small chirashi bowl, crab-meat maki and soup; all this for less than $40 per person (no service chatge and GST).
Onsen Tamago with Trffle - an amazing combinition

     The next day we were back for more. This time we tried the large chirashi bowl as well as the uni rice bowl. The chirashi is one of the best, if not the best I've ever had (and believe you me, I've had quite a few at different places). It was so good that we ordered a second portion. Go for the chef's recommendation and add the onsen tamago to the chirashi. You have to try it to understand the burst of flavour - warm egg, truffle, fresh sashimi, wasabi and chef's secret sauce... YUM!
     The uni rice is the most decadent thing I've had in a while. The uni is literally mixed into the rice right before your eyes. As if this is not enough, more uni and added on top. I've never eaten uni this way before. We also discovered that the restaurant made it's own hijiki, pickled ginger and pickled lotus root condiments
     I was debating with myself whether to be selfish or share this gem with all of you. Don't want too many people crowding out the joint. One could be forgiven for thinking that the chef was trained in Japan. In fact, Roy was trained locally. This proves that we do have quality here - Michelin quality.

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