Monday, 3 October 2016

London Adventures of a 3 month old Baby (and Parents)

      This year we celebrate 5 years of AIA's listing on the HK stock exchange with a gathering in London of producers from AIA markets around the world. The wifey decided she wanted to tag along. Moreover, she's not prepared to go anywhere without our newborn, Shiloh. So Shiloh has to come along as well. People said we were mad to bring a 3 month old baby all the way to London. Well, you'd never know if you never try. Here are the highlight's of our London adventure.

Strolling through HYDE PARK on the way to HARRODS at Knightbridge

      The little one seems to love the green outdoors. She looked around and was extremely well-behaved. The crankiness started only when we got to the shopping centre.

To BUCKINGHAM PALACE to visit the Queen

Pit stop at St James' Park while waiting for out turn to enter.

Visiting 7 storeys of toys at HAMSLEY


 CRUISE down the River Thames

Coldest day of the trip: Shiloh all bundled up.

Rounding off the trip with antique shopping at PORTOBELLO MARKET

In the end there wasn't much antiques to be had. We ended up collecting stuff for Shiloh's Peter Rabbit themed nursery.

Special Mention: MATILDA the musical at West End

     Thanks to the mother-in-law, we had the privelege of a night out on our own, the wifey and I. What's a trip to London without experiencing a musical on West End? We didn't want to go for one that could be caught back in Singapore. So "Phantom of the Opera" was definitely out. Besides we've already caught it before. The wifey decided on "Mathilda", based on Roald Dahl's book by the same name. It turned out to be an excellent choice. I was very impressed with the thought that went into the set. How the mechanics for each scene worked hand-in-hand with one another is something to behold. However, I was blown away by the performance of the cast. The way the children danced, sang, and performed their hearts' out, deserved the standing ovation that they received. It is certainly a musical that I would highly recommend - a "must watch", trust me.

      In conclusion, it was an enjoyable trip. Bringing an infant on a long-distance vacation isn't as impossible as some people make it out to be. Thank God for His protection over all of us, especially the wifey and Shiloh.

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