Saturday, 12 November 2016

Battle of the Chirashi!

Last week the wifey and I took a break from our daily duties with a  staycation at the Fullerton Hotel (courtesy of Standard Chartered Bank). We decided to end our mini retreat with a Japanese meal. What better place to check out than the restaurant that supposedly makes the best Chirashi in Singapore - Chikuwatei Japanese Restaurant.

Here are the pics to whet your appetite...
Signature CHIRASHI KOU: thick slices of Salmon, Amaebi, Sweet Prawn, Chutoro,
Scallops, Kanpachi and Unagi, served with house-made Tamago and fresh Ikura from Tsukiji.
Chawanmushi. This version had numerous pieces of seafood within. Just one word - Yum.
We've had Chirashi from more than afew restaurants in Singapore and I dare say I do know a thing or two about this dish. It is easy to understand why the Chirashi Kou from Chikuwatei is in the running for the best Chirashi in Singapore. The thick chunks of fresh seafood threatens to overflow from the bowl. I particularly enjoyed the Chutoro. It was of perfect thickness (just large enough to fill your mouth for a good chewing) and fat enough to give it a chewy and smooth texture, yet not overly fatty.

Verdict: Is this the best Chirashi I've had? What it has going for it is the amount and quality of the ingredients. In this, it beats most other Chirashis. In terms of overall taste though... I still prefer the one at Ryo Sushi. As for the ambiance of  the restaurant, I prefer the intimacy of Ryo Sushi. So, is the Chirashi at Chikuwatei the best in Singapore? I'd say "no", but it sure comes close,

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