Tuesday, 2 May 2017

South Union Park - Neither South nor in a Park, yet inviting for Unions

    Despite the busy schedule, I try to set aside at least one weekday evening to have dinner out with the wifey (and occasionally, the lil munchkin as well). The wifey usually selects the venues. It was no different this week. We found ourselves driving up Jalan Kembangan into the heart of the landed estate; all the while wondering to ourselves whether we were going in the right direction. Then suddenly out of the "darkness" shone the light of a row of shop-houses. Lo and behold, the first of which was South Union Park.
    We were ushered into the warm glow of this cafe. Despite the late timing, and it being a weekday, the cafe was more than half occupied. At this point I just have to commend the staff. I called the day before to make a reservation but couldn't get through, so I left them an sms. It didn't take long for them to reply and confirm my reservation.
    This cafe boasts a menu of classic favorites like chicken noodle soup and cheese burger. Although nothing fancy-pansy, the quality here is nothing short of excellent.
    It's not easy to find crabcake in Singapore that don't fall apart once you break a piece off. This one holds together perfectly. One bite into this beauty and the flavours of crab and lime hit your palate. The taste being both separate, yet conjoined beautifully. It literally "takes the cake!" If you're wondering, that's a coleslaw topping. I'm literally salivating while typing these words.
     For a person who doesn't usually fancy pasta, the "Duck Confit Tagliatelle" was exceptionally delicious. Although we shared the food, I'm sure I can finish this one up by myself. I especially enjoy the hazelnuts that give an extra crunch to this dish. The pasta was done just right, not too soggy and not too hard. 
    At first I wasn't expecting much from the "Herb Crusted Barramundi". After all, it's not easy to entice with fish. One bite into this changed my perspective. The fish was surprisingly moist and soft. Needless to say, it was pretty fresh as well. The little muchkin had a field day with this dish (and she's only 10 months old). The tangy romesco went extremely well with the crunchy herb crust. I especially appreciate the hericot vert - fav veg of the day.
    The portions weren't too huge, such that the wifey even had space for dessert. She has the strawberry shortcake which came in a glass "cup" (just can't find the word for it). It was soft and fluffy and surprisingly not too creamy.
    I had the "Brownie". It was nothing like it's boring name implied. It came with salted caramel ice-cream, sprinkled with candied walnuts, with a dash of butterscotch. If, like me, you're a sucker for salted caramel and butterscotch, this is something not to be missed.
    This will definitely not be the last time we head here. Besides the relaxed atmosphere (it might be because of the time and day. The wifey said weekends would be a lot busier) and great food, the lil munchkin seemed to approve of this place as well. She was busy making friends with everyone in the restaurant. We will be back.

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