Wednesday, 28 June 2017

Living It Up in the Land of Dim Sum

    This is the first time we're on holiday as a family of three (the lil muchkin, the big muchkin and me). We originally planned to head back to our familiar haunt at the St Regis, Bangkok. Unfortunately, there was no flights back on the day we wanted. Being desperate to go on a holiday we simply booked a trip. It was totally on the spur of the moment. Soon we were on the plane to Hong Kong - the Land of Dim Sum (and summore). Here are some highlights of our trip, from the eyes of a foodie...

Crystal Lotus Restaurant at the Disneyland Hotel
Olaf from Frozen. Darth Vadar and his stormtrooper full of nuts and good things.
Place your order in advance, or you'll be disappointed. Thanks to the wifey who indulges my passion for all things Star Wars.
Dim Sum "platter"
We just had to try the crab cake which was really full of meat
Even the seafood soup in coconut had a Mickey-theme
Rounding it off with not-so-common Mango Pudding
Dim Sum Library
Wagyu Beef pastry...mmmm
Stone fish porridge for the lil one. But it tasted like cod!
    More food adventures coming right up in the following post.

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