Wednesday, 28 June 2017

Dim Sum Galore - HK (part 2)

Afternoon Tea at the Peninsula Hotel
    Afternoon Tea at this iconic venue is taken very seriously. The queue starts half an hour before the official commencement of afternoon tea. This means if you don't want to risk queuing for nothing (Yes they do turn people away once the food is sold out), be there before 1.30pm. This is one of those places to see and be seen.
What's a colonial afternoon tea without a live classical band?
Michelin-starred Spring Moon Chinese Restaurant at the Peninsula
    To round up our gastronomic holiday, we had brunch at one of the top-rated restaurants in Hong Kong. Verdict: impeccable service above average food.
"Har Gao" garnished with Gold foil. The shrimp was good though.
Scallop "siew mai"
What's dim sum without porridge?
Their signature xiao long pao dumpling in soup (not exactly "xiao")
Half-eaten  roast pigeon

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