Monday, 18 September 2017

First Staycation with the Lil Hurricane - Sofitel Sentosa Resort

    Since I won't be taking the wifey and Shiloh along to LA with me, the wifey suggested that we take a staycation instead. It was a chance to spend some time as a family of just the three of us. One of the benefits of working for the Ministry of Education, is to enjoy discounted rates at the Sofitel Sentosa Resort. Thankfully the wifey fitted the bill. Thus Sofitel it was.

Mandatory time in the pool
    It turned out that Sofitel is a sanctuary for wild peacocks. The little one had her introduction to the birds - up close and personal.

    The resort boasts a "chateau" for children as well; the "Chateau Les' Enfant" - better explained as the kid's club. This was where the little one transformed into a hurricane. She was in her element as she tottered to and fro and climbed up and down. Thankfully the walls and floor were padded.

    Sofitel Sentosa Resort was surprisingly extremely child-friendly. We found the staff very accommodating. It is no wonder that the majority of fellow guests here came with their families. Vacationing here feels like a world away from Singapore yet it has all the convenience of being reachable by car. This will certainly remain on our list of to-go places. 

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