Monday, 11 September 2017

Michelin in The Forest

    I was feeling a bit bored about posting on food, but this place takes the cake. By now, most foodies would be familiar with celebrity chef Sam Leong's Michelin-starred Sentosa's restaurant. Named after his wife (according to my wife), The Forest serves contemporary Chinese cuisine with a western twist. The portions are officially for one, but they're just enough for two or three if a few are shared. 

    It's my little foodie's behavior that prompted me to complete this post. The home-made tofu was too hot her but she refused to remove it from her mouth, as would be the natural instinct of any youngster. It had to be good.
    Chinese cuisine, presented western style, starting with the amuse bouche. Despite its Michelin star, the setting was surprisingly relaxed. In no way did I feel pressure to behave uppity eventhough I was just in my berms and loafers.
      The avocado cream was simply delightful. It was superbly light on the palate, nothing like the avocado juice drink we're so used to from Alexandra Village Food Centre. 
    In conclusion, this place does deserve its Michelin star. An excellent choice if you're looking for a relaxed yet refined atmosphere, with excellent food.

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