Sunday, 10 June 2018

Hokkaido: Asahikawa - Day 1 Asahiyama Zoo

     It's been half a year since our last holiday. This time we decided to take the mother-in-law to Japan, Hokkaido, since the last attempt failed when we realized we were expecting Shiloh. Although this was not the Lil Munchkin's first overseas foray (she's already been to London, Hong Kong and Perth before her second birthday), it's the first where we're certain she's totally aware of what's going on. Thus this trip would invariably centre around the kid and the elderly. The wifey's cousin also came along for good measure (thank God for the extra pair of hands to take care of Shiloh).
     First stop for our first full day in Asahikawa, Hokkaido - the Asahiyama Zoo. Unlike the world renown Singapore version, this zoo was much smaller. We could finish all the attractions by lunch time. However, what it lacked in scale, it more than made up for in quality. Visitors are allowed to get as close to the animals as safely possible, which makes for a more immersive experience
     What is a holiday without good food? When it cones to attractions and food, the wifey can always be counted upon to recommend the best. We ended the evening at a local izakaya. Apparently, it's pretty famous. In fact we met a Singaporean duo here as well. Judging from the numerous named bottles of alcohol on the shelves, Kiyomoto Izakaya is pretty popular with the locals too. This tiny nondescript eatery/bar is located at the basement of a commercial building. The only sign you'll find, belongs to its more atas neighbour, Sumibi-Yakitori Ryo.
I'm not a pork person, but I'll.have seconds of this any time!
Still not sure what veg this is, but the Lil Muchkin loves it.
     The obasan was so taken by the lil muchkin that we even got to "tabao" her favourite stew dish for free. What a way to end our first full day in Japan!
Lil Munchkin receiving the takeaway of her fav dish.
P.S. We later found out that this quaint shop is on the Michelin's list.

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