Wednesday, 20 March 2013


   The wifey decided that this is to be the season of cultivating our CQ (Cultural Quotion); and not just any culture, it has to got to be the "atas" ang mo kind. Well, it suited me just fine. Thus we found ourselves at the Esplanade Theater, after a hearty meal, waiting for "Copellia" to commence. 
   To the uninitiated, "Copellia" is a light-hearted and comical ballet staged by the Singapore Dance Theatre. It is based on the book by Charles Nuitter which tells the story of two lovers, Franz and Swanilda. Franz, being a hot-blooded youth, is also intrigued by Dr Coppelius' "daughter", Copellia, who only appears at her window, reading a book. Swanilda and her friends sneek into Dr Coppelius' house and discover many life-sized dolls; one of which was Copellia. When discovered by Dr Coppelius, her friends run away leaving Swanilda to hide in Copellia's closet. She thus decides to pretend to be Copellia. Meanwhile, Franz is tricked into a slumber when drinking with Dr Coppelius. He attempts to transfer Franz's "life force" into Copellia only to find the "doll" coming to life. Swanilda, in the guise of Copellia, then wakes Franz and they escape. In the end, all is well when the lovers reconcile with Dr Coppelius.
Rare Footage of the wifey in spectacles
   This ballet is suited for families with young children. And indeed, there were many families with children. The set was really well done and although the dancers' technique weren't perfect, it was a good effort. In fact I must applaud the performers for bringing out the humour in certain scenes. there were indeed a few good laughs. If there's anything to gripe about, it would be the behavior of the audience. I can accept the clapping at the most  awkward moments (this is afterall Singapore) but I really wanted to hush the woman and he daughter who were whispering throughout the show (in Mandarin no less!).
   Nevertheless, it was an enchanting experience. All thanks to the wifey who suddenly had the inspiration to catch a ballet performance. If you're looking for an introduction to the ballet art form, You won't go wrong by choosing "Copellia".

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