Sunday, 24 March 2013

For Better or For Worse

   We continue the practice of increasing our CQ this week with a visit to Checkpoint Theatre's "For Better or For Worse". This play, written by Faith Ng, portrays the love-hate marriage of Gerald and Swen. The challenges and heartaches faced by this couple would be all too familiar to a lot of Singaporean families. The play is all at once heart-wrenching and insightful, yet extremely comical at times. It makes one ponder the meaning of "true love" or whether there is even such a thing.
   At the end of the day, it is indeed "for better or for worse; till death do us part". And the only way to "part" prematurely is to "kill one another" as Gerald jokingly tells his daughter Samantha. It sounds ridiculous at first, in this age of divorce and separation, but I feel that there is some meaning in it. It may not be the case right at the beginning, but I feel that, if you really love your spouse,cliché as it may be, you'll eventually find yourself married to the person "you cannot live without".

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