Monday, 18 March 2013

My (Not So) Humble House

   When presented with "fine dining" one would usually think of western cuisine. "My Humble House" on the other hand, presents fine Chinese cuisine with a contemporary twist. The TungLok Group's first "artistic restaurant" aims to revolutionize the "art of dining. Being the foodies that we are, it comes as no surprise that I would find myself and the wifey at the corner table of this avant garde restaurant.
   We ordered the dinner set. The menu consisted of items with exotic names such as "The Heart of Soul", "Sensuous Comfort", and "Tropical Sunset". Starting off the evening was Grilled Oyster with French Wasabi, Japanese Teriyaki and Vinegar Sauce. The melt-in-your-mouth texture coupled with crispness of the grill reminds one of foie gras as an entree in a French meal. It was also the first time we had bird's nest in pumpkin soup. I felt the only dishes that were really "Chinese" were the wild sea fish in chicken broth and the fried rice with smoked duck. I must commend them on the exquisite preparation of the fish. The broth was thick yet sweet; the fish really fresh and tender with none of the usual taste of the sea. Other than these two, the rest were a blend of East meets West, with the Western palate taking dominance. Finally, the desert was "to die for". The mint sorbet was an excellent choice to go with the herbal gelo. The sprinkling of berries and pomelo bits complimented the ensemble perfectly.
Main Course: Oven-baked Lobster with Cheese and Cream
Sorbet and Jello to die for
  This is certainly a place to go should you want to try your palate at "Chinese fine dining". The quality of food is excellent. The ambiance would've been good except for a family gathering which was making a tad too much noise. Fortunately the manager made up for it with an apology. However be prepared to cough up some dough. The dinner set together with pu-er tea put us back by about 120 per person.

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