Tuesday, 14 January 2014

Birthday Dinner - Pietrasanta

   Happy New Year. Not long after the wedding anniversary comes my birthday. And according to our tradition, it's feasting again. Pietrasanta, named after a sleepy town on the northern coast of Tuscany, in Italy, is a simple restaurant serving authentic Italian cuisine. Pietrasanta, the town, although not very well known, boasts some of the best beaches in Italy. It's also known for its marble crafts, with illustrious names such as Michelangelo picking his carrara marble from the region. Like it's namesake, this quaint little restaurant serves some of the best Italian food in town. 
Check out the adorable bread balls; lightly-salted and matching perfectly with the balsamic and olive oil.
Mushrooms. I can't remember what kind but I love the way they serve the chopped up ones on the bed of shiitake. Simply delicious. A definite must-try.
The sweetest mussels we've ever had. The serving could've been bigger though.
The wifey with her squid ink pasta and with crab meat.
My stewed duck in savory dark chocolate. Yes, you read right - chocolate. It was a rare experience, an acquired taste. On a positive note, the duck was tender and juicy.
The mark of a good Italian restaurant - Tiramisu. It could've been "rummier" (as in having more rum) and a bit more moist. Nevertheless, it wasn't bad.
And finally, to top it all off - good, rich Italian coffee.
    The restaurant is a good place to hang-out, having both indoor as well as alfresco dining areas. It is family-friendly too; we witness a family of six (three children) having their dinner. In conclusion, if you're going for traditional Italian fare such as Caprese salad, this is the place. You must try the mussels and the mushrooms too. However, if you  prefer pasta and deserts, Ristorante Da Valentino at Turf City may be a better choice.

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