Tuesday, 14 January 2014

Continuation of the Birthday Adventures - Staycation, Goto, Fullerton, Pelican, Lady M

   The wifey decided to kill two birds with one stone by organizing a staycation over the weekend. We could continue with the birthday celebration as well as take a very short break before charging ahead for the next work week. We started the day with lunch at our favourite Japanese fine-dining restaurant, Goto. This place is so exclusive that while we were there, a family of five was turned away because they didn't make any reservations, although the restaurant was not full. I suspect the main reason is for the chef to uphold the high standards that he brings to his cuisine. It was no surprise that the fare was no disappointment.
Every item in this New Year set has meaning: the bark-like shoot represent stability, the shrimp represents long life (bent over like an aged person), the anchovies represent abundance etc.
Some of the best sashimi ever!
Tempura eaten with salt, not sauce.
Don buri.
    Next, it was to the Fullerton Hotel, the former Post-Office Building. The room was comfortable. No complaints here. Just that I miss the butler service at the St Regis. Haha. Yes, I am spoilt. All thanks to the wifey.

Fullerton underpass
Posing as tourists
The view from across the Bay
The Pelican's Snapper Pie. We almost couldn't finish it. Well worth the 30 min wait.
Lady M: nice, but over-rated. Green tea cake. Strawberry shortcake. Mille Crepe. Been there done that. No need to dine here again.
    So ends our adventure as tourists in our homeland. Back to work for the week. Next stop, Phuket.

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