Sunday, 11 October 2015

AIA 2015 Convention - Zurich 1 (Black Forest and Rhine Falls)

    We left St. Gallen on the morning train. Onward towards Zurich and the main reason we chose Switzerland for this vacation - the 2015 AIA Convention. Unlike what it implies, the "convention" is an incentive trip for the top 20% of AIA producers. AIA pays for the food, lodging, and sponsors the airfare. We arrived in Zurich in the morning and bought tram tickets to our base for the next few days: the Renaissance Zurich. The itinerary for the day was to be a trip into Germany's Black Forest.

Black Forest and Rhine Falls

    The Black Forest region is only a few hours coach ride away from Zurich. We first stopped at Titisee-Neustadt. Here we were ushered to the Drubba watch showroom. Here we were briefed on the different cuckoo clocks and how they are made. Thereafter we had time to explore this touristy town. 
At the Drubba cuckoo clock demonstration. It was a bit of a disappointment
because the guide just used prepared props instead of having a real demonstration.
Black Forest Ham platter
Pretty girl with Black Forest Gateau (more cream than cake)
Black Forest Ham takeaways anyone?
Strolling along the shore of Lake Titisee.
    It was quite a disappointment when I realized that we weren't going to have a chance to venture into the Black Forest itself. I thought that an excursion to the Black Forest area would involve actually entering the woods. Attempts to capture a nice shot of the woods also failed spectacularly. We were soon back on the coach and on our way to Rhine Falls.
    Rhine Falls is Europe's largest plain waterfall. Don't ask me how come it looks so small. I seem to have experienced higher falls than this. Perhaps it's the volume of water. I have no idea. Once again disappointment. I was expecting a huge body of water cascading down from some mountainside. Instead it looked like an over-sized storm-drain. Nevertheless, it was a new experience. We took the motorboat and ventured close to the falls. One can even see a rainbow made from the reflection of the sun on the spray that emanated from the splashes of falling water.
    Hence our day concluded. The next day was the commencement of the AIA Convention proper.

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