Sunday, 11 October 2015

AIA 2015 Convention - Zurich 3 (Lucerne, Convention Dinner and Zurich itself)

    The rest of the AIA Convention consisted of a day tour to Lucerne and the annual Convention dinner. I won't belabour you with all the details. Here's a summary in pictures...

At the famous "Lion Monument" which commemorates the sacrifice of the Swiss
mercenaries who defended the French King Louis XVI in the August 1792 insurrection.
Lucerne's Benedictine Monastery
Lucerne is filled with building boasting of art.
What trip to Lucerne is complete without an iconic picture of the Chapel Bridge?
Convention Dinner:

    Where in Zurich can one host one thousand over people to dinner? The answer: no where. This year's dinner was hosted in a farm (yes a literal farm, with animals and and fruit plantation) an hour's drive from the city.
Pre-dinner activities: Crossbow shooting
BBQing our own sausages
 Zurich town:

     Stroll... eat... pose for photos... stroll... eat... post for photos...

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