Sunday, 11 October 2015

AIA 2015 Convention - Zurich 2 (Swiss Day Out: Mount Titlis)

Engelberg: overcast yet still beautiful
    The weather had turned chilly. It was no mistake when we were warned that Switzerland could cycle through the four seasons in a day. The first order of the day was to be herded up coaches to the little town of Engelberg. Although named "Angel Mountain" for its apparent beauty, the weather afforded little of this that day. The sky was overcast and a light rain had began to fall. We cowered together amidst the cold and rain in an open field for the mandatory group photo (imagine over one thousand people cramped together into one photo). This was also to be our staging ground before ascending Mount Titlis. Needless to say, we had to ascend the mountain in batches. I must admit that the organizers were extremely thoughtful. Each of us was given a "goodie bag" which contained a scarf, beanie and gloves. The wait was made all the more palatable by the entertainment of traditional Swiss folk activities that we could take part in.
    It wasn't long before it was our turn to ascend the mountain. Our first stop, lunch. Thereafter it was three more cable-car rides before we reached the summit. The weather was pretty unforgiving. The wind howled and the snow fell. Thanks to the beanie and our gloves, we could keep relatively warm.
At one point we had to cross a suspension bridge. If not for the thick mist that covered the mountainside, I'm sure a lot of us would not have dared to make it across. Imagine looking down to a sheer drop of thousands of feet.
Extremely proud of the wifey who made it across all by herself (I had gone on ahead to see if there's any alternate way, only to find that she had made the crossing on her own, just when I was about to return to fetch her).

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